What is this?

Each month, one sister of Alpha Pi Phi Delta Chapter is recognized publicly for her contribution to our organization. We are lucky to have such incredible members, and we use this a little spot light to remind our sisters that we appreciate and love the.


Becca L.

Theta  Θ  Class

Becca is beyond hard working! She works EVERYDAY of the week, on top of being a full time student! But you would rarely hear her complain about it, instead she's always making her sisters laugh and smile. It is a rarity to see anyone in a bad mood around her. I am beyond grateful and proud to call her my sister. Becca, we love you more than you love Jake Gyllenhaal or chocolate.


Avery P.

Delta ( Δ ) Class

“So my shout out is for Avery! Avery was very helpful in helping welcome the newest initiated class and made sure all the pledges were prepared for everything APP offered. She was and continues to always be there for all her sisters through her exec position and just a sister in general. Avery is always there if anyone is struggling and never fails to show APP love to every single sister. Avery’s smile always lights up any room she walks into and Avery is definitely someone that’s full of love and compassion for others before thinking about herself.”


Megan H.

Eta ( Η ) Class

“I have been so incredibly impressed with Megan and her willingness to be so inclusive of absolutely everyone. She stepped up and took on two new chair positions and has already been hard at work to excel in both of them! We’re so lucky to have a sister that is here to work hard for her sisters and aid APP in its continuous growth 💜 We love you Megan!”


Abbey Y.

Zeta ( Ζ ) Class

Abbey has been rocking her chair positions this year and has been such a huge help to everyone by staying organized with our clothing orders, to making our posters and such look incredible! She has such a kind heart and is an amazing sister to everyone. We love Abbey!! 💜💜


Maddie T.

Zeta ( Ζ ) Class

Maddie is unapologetically herself and her recent self love and positivity campaign has been really inspiring and uplifting to everyone around her! She’s such a ray of sunshine in our chapter 💜


Shannon Q.

Epsilon ( Ε ) Class

“Shannon is such an exciting person to be around. She’s a sassy and confident gal, who in turn, encourages the growth and confidence in others. I’m so happy to call her my sister!”


Abbey Y.

Zeta ( Ζ ) Class

Abbey is really shy at first, but now I know she’s hilarious and exciting. She has so much ambition, and I admire that. She’s the first graphic design chair our chapter has had, and I’m so impressed with everything so far! Abbey always works hard, but balances that out with her caring nature. So thankful she joined our organization