Join an organization that encourages love, loyalty, and friendship among all members. Next recruitment begins at the start of September 2019, and we can not wait to see you at our rush events! Phi Love!

Thank you for a wonderful winter 2019 recruitment period!


Join Alpha Pi Phi - Delta Chapter

What is rush?

 Rush is month long period in which potential new members embark on a journey filled with love, loyalty and friendship. Weekly events including social, philanthropic, and academic events where you get to know our active and alumnae sisters one-on-one. Sisters of Alpha Pi Phi created an environment filled with love, loyalty, and friendship. 


 If you are interested and eager in joining Alpha Pi Phi, Delta Chapter, rushing is as easy as pie! To rush, simply attend the events held by the sisters of Alpha Pi Phi, the location, time, and date of which can be found on the rush calendar above. 

Ready to Commit?

 Use the button below to join a Facebook page we use to facilitate communication and ensure all rush events are fun, safe, and accessible. 

Anti-Hazing Policy



Alpha Pi Phi is very strictly against hazing of any manor. We have a firm ZERO TOLERANCE for any abusive behaviour whatsoever. Hazing does NOT make a person "worthy" of joining an organization. During our recruitment period, potential sisters interact with active and alumnae sisters through numerous safe events. This allows us to learn more about our members without any need for hazing.

Official Anti-Hazing Policy (pdf)