Paz Arias, Jessica Doyle, Lesley Walker, Heather McBride, Laura Kell, Lauren Crosby

Alpha Pi Phi History

  "In January of 2009, six young women in their second year of studies at Carleton University, came together with the purpose of creating a new women's organization on campus: Paz Arias, Lauren Crosby, Jessica Doyle, Heather McBride, Lesley Walker and, myself, Laura Kell.

After much thought and deliberation, we, the founding mothers of what would eventually become Alpha Pi Phi, had finally come to the conclusion that there was a need for a new society on campus - a place where young women, such as ourselves, could unite with one and other, bound together by our shared qualities, virtues and, of course, friendship.

Thus, we began meeting weekly and began establishing a sisterhood, founded upon the principles of Love, Loyalty and Friendship. Soon after, on February 26th, Alpha Pi Phi Sorority was officially born."

- Laura Kell, Founding Mother 


Delta Chapter History

 “During September of 2014, four unique girls found Alpha Pi Phi, and found each other. As we learned more about APP and its foundation, we knew that this was something bigger and something that we did not just want to be a part of, but something we needed to be a part of. Alpha Pi Phi is what brought us together. We were four girls of different majors and personalities, but we had the same respect and appreciation for the four pillars that Alpha Pi Phi stood upon.

By deciding to colonize Delta Chapter at Trent University in Peterborough, Canada, we - Kristin Duncan, Pamela Huynh, Elizabeth Stanier and Karina Sarsenbeyeva knew that it would be an amazing opportunity not only to grow as sisters of the organization, but to also provide a space for women to be empowered, hone their leadership skills, to encase their philanthropic sides, and to bond in this blessed sisterhood. By working together, invading each other’s lives in the best ways possible, by creating new memories and friendships, and learning everything we could about this sisterhood we call Alpha Pi Phi, we were able to become a full pledged chapter two months later in November of 2014.

Alpha Pi Phi brought us each other, as well as a whole plethora of sisters who share the same values and friendships, and we could not be more thankful to be sisters of APP, and to hold these letters dear to our hearts.” 

- Pamela Huynh, Founding Sister