Alum April; Gytha Chapman-Richard


Our beautiful alum sister Gytha has had a VERY successful month. She had her poem published in ZORA, and was elected Deputy Prime Minister of LEC's cabinet for the 2019-2020 year! You are such an amazing inspiration to all your sisters at Delta Chapter and we are so proud of you. Phi love 💜

Alum April; Julianne Liken


 Gamma class alum sister Julianne has been such a valuable asset to Delta chapter. She may be an alum sister but she is always there for anyone if they have any questions about Alpha Pi Phi. She is a true embodiment of our pillars and we are so glad to have such an amazing sister. Julianne is currently taking a year off after graduating with her BA but plans to go to law school in the future. With all her sass and determination, we know she would make an amazing lawyer and are here to support her on her journey. Phi Love 💜

Senior Sendoff 2019


 A very bittersweet Senior Sendoff, we are so very proud of all our new Alum sisters and are wishing them all the best on their next steps in life. Congratulations ladies!

Alum April; Josie Doyle



After 3 years on the trent cheerleading team, Alum sister Josie Doyle has recently become the newest addition to the Trent Cheerleading Team’s coaches! So proud of her accomplishment in moving forward in the sport she loves.

TKE n' Totter


Supporting TKE n Totter! They will be at the Bata Podium until Friday from 10am-3pm, all proceeds go to sick kids!

Alum April; Lindsay Clarke


Alum sister Lindsay Clarke recently became a registered nurse! We are so proud of Lindsay and can't wait to see where this takes her!

Alum April; Bianca Nucaro


 Our Alpha class Alum sister, Bianca is the definition of a girl boss. After graduating with a BA in Gender and Women’s Studies, Bianca now has her own business and is such an inspiration to all of us at Delta Chapter. Even with her busy life, she comes out to as many events as she can and we appreciate her continued commitment to our chapter. Thank you for being such an amazing part of our chapter and everything you do for us! We love you, Bianca. 💜

Happy National Sibling Day!


As blessed as we are to be in an amazing sisterhood, we don't forget about our biological ones! 

Alum April; Jessica Woollard


Our Epsilon sister Jessica is an inspiration to everyone in our chapter. Not only does Jess take care of her family as her first priority, but she helps out at every event she can attend, supporting and organizing so her sisters can enjoy. Which is why she is the very deserving recipient of this year's "most involved Alum sister" award. Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine and happiness in our chapter! Phi love, forever 💜

Game Tickets!


Our Sisters our selling tickets to the first Peterborough Pete's playoff game of the season! Be there when the puck drops for only $12, with proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Society. Check our instagram for more details!

Iota Initiation


Delta Chapter is so happy that Iota class is finally initiated! Welcome home baby swans, we are so excited to call you our sisters and have many more adventures wth you all.

Relay for Life


Our sisters Becca, Megan, Lorena, Courtney represented our chapter with dignity and grace at Relay for Life this year! We're excited to have the opportunity to participate in this event, and can't wait for next year!

Pretty in Pink


 Started by our sister Maddie T., our chapter has started having outfit themes for each chapter meeting! This week our sisters hit the run-way in PINK! Like, totally cute! 

Lumberjack Ladies


 Delta Chapter went Axe Throwing on the weekend, at Peterborough Axe Club. We have to axe you one question; do you think our plaid is "axe-zessive"?

Founder's Day!


 Alpha Pi Phi was officially created 10 years ago! We're so excited to celebrate 10 years of fun, happiness, memories, support, and of course; love, loyalty, and friendship. Phi love!

International Conference


     Six sisters from Delta chapter had the opportunity to represent our chapter at the 10th annual International Conference of Alpha Pi Phi, and they did an incredible job!  

Valentine's Day Snacks


 To finish a Week of Love, our sisters held a bake sale in Otonabee College, with proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Society! 

Why I Love APP - Day 5


   “I love that app accepts me for who I am no matter what. Our sorority is unbelievably inclusive and accepting, my sisters love me unconditionally, and it’s become my home away from home 💖 " 

Why I Love APP - Day 4


  “I love APP because it's helped me become a better version of myself. I am now more confident because I know I'll always have my sisters to be there for me through everything and support me no matter what which give me the confidence to fearlessly do anything.”  

Why I Love APP - Day 3


  “APP gave me a home away from home when I moved to Ontario. I live 1956kms away in a little town in Labrador. Growing up in a town of 600 people, I never had a best friend, let alone a huge group of girlfriends. After moving to an unfamiliar place I was scared that I wouldn’t make friends, but I have been blessed with a family here, my huge group of sisters that provide unconditional love and support! My sisters are so incredible and I don’t know what I would do without them💜 Phi love " 

Why I Love APP - Day 2


    “I love so many things about app, but i probably love the fact that my sisters are always there for me no matter what. They are such amazing support systems, and will do anything for you. I am so thankful to have them and i love each sister so much! 💗”